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2006 Season

Journey to Indonesia, and join Hawaii divers Keith Yamane, Pat McCreary, Erick Itoman, Robin Bond and a few friends as they target some of the largest parrotfish you will ever see and get first hand accounts of the deadly December 2004 tsunami that rocked the Indian Ocean.

Nationals 2005
Join the excitement of the 2005 National Spearfishing Competition held at Table Rock Lake, Missouri. Divers target carp, catfish, and the unusual gar-fish.

Mili Atoll, Marshall Islands
Climb on board a 150-foot live-aboard cruise ship with divers, Sean Masaki, Kelly Arakaki and Ted Huffman, as they sail the waters of remote Mili Atoll located in the Marshall Islands in pursuit of the Giant Grouper and a variety of reef fish.

Lehua Rock
On this episode we journey to the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. Travel the abundant waters with commercial fisherman, Troy Lanning, as he shares his way of life on the sea as passed down from generations before.

Christmas Island Part 1
Join Hawaii freedivers, Vernon Takata and Shawn Fujimoto as they travel to a remote area of the Kiribati island chain and find out they are the first group of divers to explore its outer reef. See amazing footage of these two divers using the 3-prong pole spear and landing a variety of unique types of reef fish.

Christmas Island Part 2
We re-join Vernon Takata and Shawn Fujimoto on the last few days of their Christmas Island journey as they venture to the far side of the atoll in pursuit of the elusive Napoleon Wrasse

Gene Higa Memorial Dive Tournament
The inaugural dive competition honors one of Hawaii's best 3-prong freedivers, Gene Higa. This event is held at Mokuleia Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. See and hear amazing fish stories from dive competitors and witness the exciting weigh-in. Join world travelers Nick Kautzman and Sean Masaki on their journey to Panama in pursuit of the giant Yellow-fin Tuna.

Ni'ihau, Hawaii Revisited
Explore the underwater sea life of the Forbiden Island of Ni'ihau, located in the Hawaiian Island Chain, as Rick Imamoto and David Sakoda share their diving tales on the one that did not get away.

South Point Part 1
Join Puna Apio, Wendell Ko, George Martin and Boyd Stevens as they hook up with Captain Ray Shirokawa, for a weekend dive trip targeting a variety of reef fish, and the prized Giant Trevally.

South Point Part 2
Rejoin George Martin, Boyd Stevens, Wendell Ko and Johnny Leong as they conclude their exciting dive adventure to the southern most tip of the Hawaiian Island Chain in pursuit of the Giant Trevally.

Nationals 2006
Watch our Nations best freedive spearfishermen compete at the 2006 National Spearfishing competition held at Pampano Beach, Florida. Keaka Ching, Del Agricula, and Dayne Fujiwara share their insights to the 2006 tournament.

Fiji Part 1
Join some of Hawaii's top women freediver spearfisherman along with their friend Kris Tyler on part 1 of 2 on a Fiji Dive Adventure.

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