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2004 Season

Ni'ihau, Hawaii
Freedive off the island of Niihau located in the Hawaiian Island chain. Pristine conditions, plentiful aquatic life and lots of action are packed into this episode.
Red Sea Tip: Dive Knives
Red Sea Spotlight:
Jay and Julie Riffe of Riffe International

Sonny Tanabe Freedive Tournament
The Sonny Tanabe Invitational Freedive Tournament, held in Kona, Hawaii, brings many of the top freedivers from around the nation together for a day of competition and comraderie.
Red Sea Tip: Dive Floats
Red Sea Spotlight:
Annabel Briseno & Jessica Wilson
(World Champion Freedivers)

Kona, Hawaii Dive Adventure
Filmed off the West coast of Hawaii, also known as the "Big Island", this episode is entirely dedicated to reef and blue water diving. Lots of non-stop dive action!

"HIFC" Dive Tournament
This episode showcases the HIFC qualifiying event to select their teams for the U.S. National Spearfishing Competition that will be held on the North Shore of Oahu. Also featuring the amazing spearfishing of Picasso Team Diver; Jason Hijirida.
Red Sea Tip: Dive Flags
Red Sea Spotlight:
Wade Hayashi
(Former National Spearfishing Champion)

Shallow Water Blackout
A look into the terrifying and often fatal diving mishap that occurs during some breath hold dives. This show also delves into the physiology of this phenomena, and features testimonials of those who have been fortunate to live through the experience. Later in the show, we take you diving "Kona Style" off the "Big Island" of Hawaii.
Red Sea Tip: How to help someone in distress; Matt Briseno, trainer of the world's top breath hold divers freedivers.

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
Travel around the globe to the remote Mentawai Islands located off the coast of West Sumatra, Indonesia and explore the undersea world of large and unusual fish.

3-Prong Dive
This episode features 3-Prong dive action with Vernon Takata and Kellen Paik; and a special memorial tribute to Gene Higa, one of Hawaii's best competitive 3-Prong divers.
Red Sea Tip: Wetsuits; a quick and easy way to get into your wetsuit.

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Red Sea Gyotaku
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