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:: The Best of Hawaii Skin Diver

The Best of Hawaii Skin Diver - Vol. 1
Are you ready for 60 minutes of non-stop spearfishing action? We've gathered the best action from Season One for your viewing pleasure. Highlights on this DVD include the following segments:

• Ni'ihau-"Explore the forbidden Island"
• Kona-"Adventures from the Big Island"
• Reef Dive-"Diving with the 'Hij'"
• Blue Water-"Kona Style"
• Indonesia-"Journey to the Mentawai Islands"
• 3-Prong-"Dedication to Gene Higa"

Price: $29.95

The Best of Hawaii Skin Diver - Vol. 2
Ready for your second dose? We've included 90 minutes of non-stop spearfishing action from our Second Season plus bonus footage and outakes. Highlights on this DVD include the following segments:

• Likiep Atoll-"Marshall Island Adventure"
• Hawaii-"Big Island Style"
• Rongelap Atoll-"Unleashed in Paradise'"
• Rongelap Atoll-"The Journey Continues"
• Tako Eye-"Search for He'e"
• Costa Rica-"Ahi Action"

Price: $29.95

The Best of Hawaii Skin Diver - Vol. 3
"The Best of Hawaii Skin Diver Volume 3" DVD features six exciting episodes from the HSD TV Season Two. It also includes a variety of dive tips and a personal look at the Host of Hawaii Skin Diver, Merlinda Garma. "The Best of Hawaii Skin Diver Volume 3" provides non-stop dive action in Hawaii and exotic locations around the world, as well as some of the best behind-the-scenes out-takes.

• Molokai - Diving "Hawaiian Style"
• Kona - Blue Water Hunters
• Oahu - Quest for Tako
• La Paz - Mexican Adventure
• Pohnpei - Micronesian Escapade
• Indonesia - Voyage After the Wave

Length: Approx. 100 minutes

Price: $29.95

"The Best of Hawaii Skin Diver" DVDs also available at:

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Pine Island Market

Beach Cities Scuba - California
Blue Water Hunter - California
Pirate Water Sports - Maryland
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Wild Blue - Auckland

Deep Blue documents the Spearfishing World record Bluefin Tuna captured by expert freedive spearfisherman Dean Martin of New Zealand. This 292-kilogram "monster" was caught off the west coast of New Zealand's South Island while accompanied by his cousin, Steve Hathaway. Dean and Steve are well-respected spearos in New Zealand and with the guidance of Captain Tom Fishburn on board the M.V. Legacy, achieved their ultimate goal. This action packed expedition is filled with many extreme conditions that challenge their chances of landing these magnificent creatures.

Length: Approx. 60 minutes

Price: $29.95

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Red Sea Gyotaku
Originating in Japan during the 19th century, 'Gyotaku' (meaning "fish print") was developed to preserve the exact size of their trophy catch, and over the years has evolved into a beautiful art form.

We have a wide variety of local and exotic types of fish prints in standard or custom sizes. Click here for more info.

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